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State Representative Jeff Keicher Announces Run for Second Term

Sycamore, IL

Local business owner and State Representative Jeff Keicher today announced the kickoff to his reelection campaign for the Illinois General Assembly. Keicher, a Republican first-term Representative who had never sought elected office prior to 2018, was moved to run because of the chaos coming from the State Capitol and its impact on businesses and families in Northern Illinois.

“I have been moved by the outpouring of support and encouragement from residents of the 70th District during my first full session,” said Keicher. “The voters put their faith in me last November to continue to do the right thing and lay the groundwork to allow our economy to thrive and look after our most vulnerable. While we aren’t finished yet, voters seem enthusiastic so far at the progress we’ve made.”

Keicher noted that Illinois potential was reinforced by a package of economic reforms he was able to help pass in the house as well as protections he helped pass for women, students, farmers and job creators. Former Representative John Countryman remarked, “I’ve been impressed with this young man’s performance so far. I know what it is like to work across the aisle while in the minority to get bills passed and relationships built. Jeff has already made a positive impact for the residents of the 70th District and I look forward to seeing what’s next.”

“I take humble pride in knowing I’m in Springfield representing an amazing population back home. I’m proud that I was able to pass bills that expand mammogram availability, protect business owners who have been stalked, restore and increase funds coming to NIU as well as local schools.” Keicher also detailed his key wins on transparency and communication. “Each day it seems I’m out and have someone stop me to remark on how impressed they are with not only what we’ve accomplished but that we have been so active in our communities. We’ve held town halls, coffees, seminars, held senior fairs, worked with community organizations and tried to give a bright spotlight to the work being done by others. It’s not about the “me.” It is and always will be about the “us.”

“I’m running again because there’s more to fix. We need common-sense solutions that will solve problems. We need reforms that will attract job creators who want to invest in Illinois and grow jobs so that our children have a future in Illinois. We can’t continue to chase job creators away with excessive taxation and regulation. And we need to continue to develop a world-class education system so that every child has a chance to succeed,” said Keicher.

Keicher does not take a taxpayer-funded pension as an elected State Representative. “Public service is an honorable profession, but politicians should not have lifetime jobs while enjoying taxpayer-funded perks,” said Keicher. “We can make Illinois a better place for our families and businesses.”

Keicher is married to Karen and has three children Emma, Oliver and Ethan. He is active in many community organizations.