Supporting & Creating Jobs

Building a strong economy bolsters our communities and encourages families to remain in Illinois to raise future generations. The way to power our economy is to invest in the future and not be short sighted. Agriculture, education, manufacturing, and construction act as driving forces behind the district’s economic engine.

Jeff supported measures to bolster the district’s infrastructure – an effort praised by business and labor groups who also see the strong potential of transformational economic benefits.

Representative Keicher worked early in his first session on bipartisan legislation to encourage investment in data centers, achieve passage of the manufacturers purchase credit, support the Blue-Collar Jobs Act and expand the manufacturers R&D legislation – all this to help create and expand good jobs in our area. The law finally passed at the end of session could lead to hundreds of millions of new investment dollars within the state, including a high potential for new projects in DeKalb County.

Additionally, Jeff helped sponsor efforts to expand teacher education and support programs to address our shortage of educators in Illinois.

Providing Relief for Homeowners

Rising property taxes are an ongoing burden faced by homeowners. Jeff is a member of the newly created Property Tax Relief Task Force. The group will examine the root causes of high property taxes and find ways to bring relief to homeowners.

Jeff backed efforts to increase transparency in the property tax appeals system by banning members of the state legislature from personally profiting off the property tax appeals process. The majority party defeated the reform effort, but Jeff continues to advocate for transparency during the process.

During his property tax appeal education sessions, he addressed first-hand the concerns of residents at understanding and navigating an overly burdensome and confusing weight on taxpayers.

Limiting Spending & Lowering Taxes

Taxpayers should not pay more when state government fails to identify ways to control existing spending. In recent years, the income tax rate increased twice, yet spending levels continue to rise. Jeff opposes efforts to make it easier for legislators to raise tax rates on hardworking Illinoisans.

Additionally, Jeff believes state agencies should identify areas to reduce spending by eliminating outdated programs and root out waste, fraud, and abuse of tax dollars. He has sponsored legislation to address the bloat and make our government more responsive to spending concerns shared by many in Illinois.